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verilated.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Verilator: Linked against all applications using Verilated source.

This file must be compiled and linked against all objects created from Verilator.

Code available from: http://www.veripool.org/verilator

Definition in file verilated.cpp.

#include "verilated_imp.h"
#include <cctype>
#include <vector>

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#define _VL_VA_ARG_Q(ap, bits)   (((bits) <= VL_WORDSIZE) ? va_arg(ap,IData) : va_arg(ap,QData))
 Max static char array for VL_VALUE_STRING.


void _VL_DEBUG_PRINT_W (int lbits, WDataInP iwp)
WDataOutP _vl_moddiv_w (int lbits, WDataOutP owp, WDataInP lwp, WDataInP rwp, bool is_modulus)
void _VL_STRING_TO_VINT (int obits, void *destp, int srclen, const char *srcp)
void _VL_VINT_TO_STRING (int obits, char *destoutp, WDataInP sourcep)
void _vl_vsformat (string &output, const char *formatp, va_list ap)
IData _vl_vsscanf (FILE *fp, int fbits, WDataInP fromp, const char *formatp, va_list ap)
static void _vl_vsss_advance (FILE *fp, int &floc)
static void _vl_vsss_based (WDataOutP owp, int obits, int baseLog2, const char *strp, int posstart, int posend)
static bool _vl_vsss_eof (FILE *fp, int &floc)
static int _vl_vsss_peek (FILE *fp, int &floc, WDataInP fromp)
static void _vl_vsss_read (FILE *fp, int &floc, WDataInP fromp, char *tmpp, const char *acceptp)
static void _vl_vsss_setbit (WDataOutP owp, int obits, int lsb, int nbits, IData ld)
static void _vl_vsss_skipspace (FILE *fp, int &floc, WDataInP fromp)
string VL_CVT_PACK_STR_NW (int lwords, WDataInP lwp)
void vl_fatal (const char *filename, int linenum, const char *hier, const char *msg)
 Routine to call for a couple of fatal messages.
IData VL_FGETS_IXQ (int obits, void *destp, QData fpq)
 File I/O.
void vl_finish (const char *filename, int linenum, const char *hier)
 Routine to call for $finish.
QData VL_FOPEN_QI (QData filename, IData mode)
QData VL_FOPEN_WI (int fnwords, WDataInP filenamep, IData mode)
IData VL_FSCANF_IX (QData fpq, const char *formatp,...)
void VL_FWRITEF (QData fpq, const char *formatp,...)
const char * vl_mc_scan_plusargs (const char *prefixp)
IData VL_RAND32 ()
IData VL_RAND_RESET_I (int obits)
 Init time only, so slow is fine.
QData VL_RAND_RESET_Q (int obits)
 Random reset a signal.
WDataOutP VL_RAND_RESET_W (int obits, WDataOutP outwp)
 Random reset a signal.
IData VL_RANDOM_I (int obits)
 Randomize a signal.
QData VL_RANDOM_Q (int obits)
 Randomize a signal.
WDataOutP VL_RANDOM_W (int obits, WDataOutP outwp)
 Randomize a signal.
void VL_READMEM_Q (bool hex, int width, int depth, int array_lsb, int, QData ofilename, void *memp, IData start, IData end)
void VL_READMEM_W (bool hex, int width, int depth, int array_lsb, int fnwords, WDataInP ofilenamep, void *memp, IData start, IData end)
void VL_SFORMAT_X (int obits, void *destp, const char *formatp,...)
string VL_SFORMATF_NX (const char *formatp,...)
IData VL_SSCANF_IIX (int lbits, IData ld, const char *formatp,...)
IData VL_SSCANF_IQX (int lbits, QData ld, const char *formatp,...)
IData VL_SSCANF_IWX (int lbits, WDataInP lwp, const char *formatp,...)
void vl_stop (const char *filename, int linenum, const char *hier)
 Routine to call for $stop.
IData VL_TESTPLUSARGS_I (const char *formatp)
IData VL_VALUEPLUSARGS_IW (int rbits, const char *prefixp, char fmt, WDataOutP rwp)
void VL_WRITEF (const char *formatp,...)
WDataOutP VL_ZERO_RESET_W (int obits, WDataOutP outwp)
 Zero reset a signal.

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